Being a Gentleman of Leisure: The introduction to the mindset

This introduction relates to a few thoughts on creating the Gentleman of Leisure mindset. People often chuckle when I tell them, “I am not retired. I am a Gentleman of Leisure.” The phrase conjures up ideas and concepts of a hoity-toity snob whose culture and sophistication are above others. The fact is, nothing could be further from the truth.  Being a Gentleman of Leisure is nothing more than a mindset. 

 Several years before I “retired,” I began giving the Idea of retirement lots of thought. Was I ready? What would I do? The thought of transitioning from a 40-year career and a lifetime of work to nothing but free time, with no obligations or responsibilities, can create some anxiety. I would receive a comfortable pension, meet my other financial goals, and have money in a supplemental retirement account. Money would not be an issue. But still, the idea of being “retired” didn’t sound appealing.  It was like I was putting myself out to pasture.  

Then one day, I heard a Jimmy Buffet song, “Gentleman of Leisure”  That was it.  I was not going to retire. I was going to be a Gentleman of Leisure. But what did that entail? The definition is straightforward: A man of independent means with no obligations or responsibilities. But what does a gentleman of leisure do? How does one become a Gentleman of Leisure? After some research and reading, I found common themes and concepts of being a gentleman of leisure. I found I had already been moving in that direction for a number of years.  I have compiled these concepts from my own life and research into the blogs that will appear here.  

But there is more to this story. I bounced the Idea of becoming a Gentleman of Leisure off of some friends.  They all laughed and responded that they loved it. A few years passed, and I stopped working to become a Gentleman of leisure.  Then the idea occurred that more could be done with this concept. I contacted my good buddy Chris. He and I had discussed the Gentleman of Leisure concept two years earlier. He loved it.  

Chris is a very talented and resourceful guy.  He has a lot of knowledge in copyright and trademark research, application, and law. He is not an attorney; he is just a very smart guy and a Renaissance man with many life experiences. He is also not retired. I also trust him implicitly.  I called Chris one Saturday morning and discussed trademarking the phrase “Gentleman of Leisure.” Would that, could that, even be possible?  I put up the money, and he did the work. We were delightfully surprised that no one had done this. After a tedious process and paperwork, through which Chris navigated, we were granted the trademark, through the United States Trademark Office. We would own “Gentleman of Leisure” 

We then set to work on creating a company. Chris and I collaborated on a website. He had experience with e-commerce.  We exchanged lots of ideas. He did the technical stuff, and I wrote some blogs.

Today we have The Gentleman of Leisure Brand. Our products can be found at Gentleman of Leisure is an idea and concept that has grown.  From a lifestyle mindset to products that help create, cultivate, and instill the idea in others.  No man wants to be put out to pasture when he quits working. No man would ever decline the opportunity to be a Gentleman of Leisure.   

These blogs are written for the man who wants to pursue the Art of Living.  Even if he is not quitting his job, a man can still embody the concepts that lead to a well-lived life. Hopefully,  they will inspire and encourage every man, regardless of finances, education, or background, to pursue a well-lived life, become a true Gentleman of Leisure, and master the art of living.

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